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Notable Collaborations

As a social media influencer, I have established a track record of collaborating with various renowned brands. My previous collaborations have exemplified my ability to merge my personal brand with the values of the partnering companies, resulting in successful campaigns that have resonated with my followers and generated substantial brand exposure. Please take a look at some of my notable collaborations and interviews 👉

Interview with GLGLZ Radio Statio

I was interviewed by Israel's top radio station, GLGLZ, and asked to give my honest opinion on current Israeli pop music. The video also appeared on GLGLZ's Instagram page and their Facebook page and garnered thousands of views and engagement, with over 180,000 views on Facebook alone. 


Interview with ILTV

I was interviewed by Israeli News station ILTV on my social media presence and how I grew my social media platforms by taking a comedic approach to my experience moving to Israel.


Feature in Noa Kirel x Terminal X "Xhibition"

I was asked to participate in a fashion show for Israel's top singer and actress Noa Kirel's new exclusive clothing collection with eCommerce fashion brand, Terminal X. The video debuted on Noa Kirel's YouTube channel, which has over half a million subscribers. The collaboration also included a series of TikTok videos to build hype around the campaign.


Gucci Beauty

I collaborated with Gucci Beauty on their social media campaign for the release of their new fragrance: Flora Gorgeous Gardenia. The collaboration included an Instagram carousel post as well as a TikTok branded video on my personal social media accounts. 


MAC Cosmetics

I collaborated with MAC Cosmetics on my personal TikTok account to bring attention to the release of their new cosmetic line, MAC Studio Radiance. 



I collaborated with L'Oréal on my personal TikTok account to bring attention to the release of Maybelline's new mascara product, Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara. 


I collaborated with American Eagle Outfitters on a video posted to my personal TiKTok account. The video was centered around a holiday sales event and building buzz around the special offers. 


Pizza Hut

I collaborated with Pizza Hot on a comedic video posted to my personal TiKTok account. The video was intended to build buzz around their new "Cheesy Bites" pizza. The video achieved impressive numbers, with over 300,000 views and 30,000 likes. 

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